We hold to the belief that there can and should be blending of leadership development and the deep spiritual things of God.

We have two basic programs, Renewal and Restoration. The Renewal program is designed for the spiritual leaders who want to come and deepen their relationship with God, and do this in a small group of 6/8 other pastors/leaders who also have the same goal in mind. Plus, be able to do this in a relaxed, fun, challenging atmosphere. The Restoration program is designed for the leader who has already crashed and tasted of the bitterness that follows, the remarks, the uncaring way that sometimes God’s people in their blindness and immaturity respond.

In the case of fallen leaders, the CHURCH, has had frustration and confusion in knowing the difference between one who has a evil heart and one who has a character flaw. In the case of David, he had a character flaw, Saul had a evil heart. Peter, had a character flaw, Judas had a evil heart. There is much to be said on this subject, but that is not my intention at this time.

There is a need in this area, the very fabric of our life is being threatened when our spiritual leaders are under such demanding and difficult circumstances, we want to reach out to our pastors and leaders and give a helping hand, in providing the right PLACE, the right SETTING, the right PLAN and the right TIME.

Not knowing, the church has become a coconspirator in the demise of God’s appointed and anointed. Most pastors learn to navigate the fast moving waters of the church “system” just enough to avoid major shipwrecks.

While the mood of the day is leaning to a more compassionate understanding of the real need of pastors and their families, the local church needs to develop skills in the area of “Pastoral Care”. One of the ways the church can help themselves in this area is to have Renewal Ranch Seminar in their church to help educate their people in this area of church life. HELP US TO HELP THE HURTING.