Let us give our definition of the term, PASTORAL CARE, at least for the purposes of this word picture of a beautiful place and facility that is especially prepared for Pastor/leaders. Pastoral Care to us simply means ,”care of spiritual leaders.”

At the center of most extended stress and burnout we find the challenge is more from what is happening from the inside of the leader rather than coming from something or someone from the outside. It is not, “they” or “them”, out there that is my challenge, but where the leader is coming from…perhaps a unresolved issue or conflict along with the failure of seeing how this affects their ministry and vision to reach out to others. Perhaps the wonderful vision you had when you entered ministry, however because of any number of reasons, you have never been able to reach out and complete that vision, or even get close. That in itself brings on frustration, then on to confusion, with a mix of disappoint and the feeling of failure, you are at the entrance doorway to what is known as “BURNOUT”. If this is not dealt with it can, and usually does, lead to a major failure and again, left alone, lead to exiting the ministry either by force or just quietly riding off into the sunset.

This does not have to be that way at all! Regardless of where you are in ministry, you can do something about you and yours. God is still alive and working, and on mission in this world and the last I knew, He has invited us to come along and join Him.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a TIME and PLACE for you or you and your spouse to come and just let down that “ole pastor” shield? Have an opportunity to unburden safely? Be treated like a King and Queen? Eat great food, (all you want). Be with others who share your same burdens with understanding? Have plenty of time to really enjoy the wide- open spaces and work, if you like, with the real cowboys bringing in the herd? Play some Golf? Shopping if that is what you like? And all this in a atmosphere of caring and love. God especially works around the evening vespers at the ranch campfire.

Spiritual leaders need a place and time where they can come to and give up for a time the responsibilities as the “person who can walk on water”, share openly without the fear of reprisal, and renew that vision that once burned in their soul.

Check out the website, browse around and give us a call, if we are not in, we will call you back soon. God bless you!


Happy Trails